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How to Manage Anxiety When it Comes Knocking

Anxiety is a common emotion that people struggle to manage. Do you ever feel like you're sitting in your house minding your business and out of the corner of your eye you see Anxiety walk past your window?

What, how can that be, why are you even here? You quickly close the curtains, you mustn't make eye contact! Oh okay, maybe you're in the clear.


No, you didn't even make eye contact! Anxiety can't know your home. You pull the blanket over your head as you desperately ignore the knock at the door.

But Anxiety starts knocking louder and louder. "Hello, I know you are in there, open the door" shouts Anxiety.

Now you're heart is racing, your chest is getting tighter, your breath shallower. You might even puke.

And not only is Anxiety in your living room . . . But Fear sits shaking on the couch while Shame is telling you, "you shouldn't have let Anxiety in". "Wow this living room is full" whispers Overwhelm.


You are sitting in your house and out of the corner of your eye you see Anxiety walk by. You open the curtains, give a little smile and wave. Anxiety turns and waves back. You go to the front door, open it, and welcome Anxiety in. "Hey, come on in!"

You start by being curious about why Anxiety was walking by. Anxiety like other emotions are here to tell us something. When we can be curious about the message then we can prevent Anxiety from getting too loud and barging in. Not only that, but all the other emotions that seemed to show up above may not even join.


Thinking about welcoming our Anxiety may feel too big at first. If it feels too big this is where a counsellor may be able to help provide support. How do you manage the emotion of Anxiety in order to be curious why it's coming around anyways?

If you need help managing anxiety, please connect with me via email at

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